The Anderida practice is in the heart of Forest Row and has been created to offer clients a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our experienced multidiscipline practitioners can provide a range of complimentary therapies. All our practitioners are fully qualified, insured and members of their own professional associations.

As a dedicated team we offer the best quality of care to ensure a journey for each individuals optimum health and wellbeing.

We strongly believe that the mind, body and soul requires natural rejuvenation to maintain its balance and equilibrium. This holistic focus generates a positive experience for all that visit The Anderida Practice.

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What does Anderida mean?

The Anderida Forest is the name given to the dense woodland that separated the South coast of England from the City of London during the Roman Conquest. The forest between the North & South downs was almost impassable making Sussex more cut off from the rest of England than it had been at any other time in its history.

The Ashdown Forest remains today, less dense and certainly more accessible but this large acreage of forest still separates the downs and harks back to it historic days as the Anderida Forest.

It is also thought that the word Anderida is a derivative of Andred, which in British is “Best or Wonderful”

forest of Anderida

Want to practice with us?

If you would like to become a practitioner at The Anderida Practice please get in touch either my email or by completing the Contact Form below.

Email: info@theanderidapractice.co.uk