Kirsten Hartvig Rowley, ND DipPhyt


I am a registered naturopath, medical herbalist, spiritual psychotherapist and the author of 15 books on natural health, herbal medicine, healthy eating and naturopathic nutrition. I’m a full member of the British Naturopathic Association and the General Naturopathic Council.

I offer one-to-one consultations and workshops on holistic health to treat acute and chronic disease by utilising the healing powers of nature and strengthening inner vitality. My aim is to help people to take charge of their own health, to discover powerful yet gentle ways to heal, and to regain and improve health and wellbeing on all levels.

Born in Denmark, my country farm childhood involved many hours of exploring natural wilderness, which sparked a lifelong love of wild foods and herbs, as well as a deep relationship with horses. My grandmother, mother and aunts – all old-school country women with wonderful, chaotic, self-sufficient kitchen gardens – taught me much about food husbandry and robust good health, based on homegrown food and outdoor living.

Seeking to put my interest in people and plants to use in a professional context, I trained first at the College of Spiritual Psychotherapeutics (1981-1986) in Kent where I gained my Spiritual Psychotherapy Certificate. I continued at the School of Herbal Medicine in Kent (1986-1990) and gained my Diploma in Phytotherapy as well as Membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Convinced of the importance of diet and lifestyle in maintaining health and curing disease, I then embarked on a two year post-graduate course (1991-1993) at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London.

After some years of seeing patients privately (during which I taught dietetics at the European School of Osteopathy and developed a nutrition course for the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine), my husband Nic and I bought a small hill farm in the Pyrenees where we ran a holistic health retreat for 10 years. Powered by solar panels and blessed with pure spring water, La Bergerie became a place of healing, creativity, music, mountain walking, horse trekking, wild crafting, bird song, chopping wood and carrying water.

I continued to give private consultations, workshops and lectures, and started a parallel career as an author on holistic health and nutrition, writing articles and features in newspapers and magazines, as well as books, that are now published all over the world, and in many languages. I have made many media appearances as a health expert and advisor, and I’m active in promoting environmental awareness and animal welfare. I am also an advisor on herbal medicine to the Danish Ministry of Health.

In recent years I have concentrated on devising ways to make healthy eating, positive thinking, environmentally responsible agriculture and self-responsibility for health accessible to everyone. Now back in England, I see clients for private consultations, and offer online sessions and diet assessments and also run holistic health workshops, herb walks and retreats.

Books by Kirsten Hartvig

  • The Healing Spices Cookbook (2016)
  • The Healing Berry Cookbook (2016)
  • Eat to Boost Your Immunity (2012)
  • The New Complete Guide to Nutritional Health (2011)
  • 101 Fantastic Quick and Healthy Recipes (2007)
  • The Healthy Diet Calorie Counter (2006)
  • The Big Book of Quick and Healthy Recipes (2005)
  • The Complete Guide to Nutritional Health (2003)
  • Energize Your Life (2002)
  • Eat for Immunity (2000)
  • The Detox Box (2000)
  • Energy Juices (1999/2004)
  • Energy Foods (1999/2005)
  • 10 Days to Better Health (1998/2003)
  • You Are What You Eat (1996/2003)

All my books are available on and in many high street and online bookshops

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