CSTCranialSacral Therapy

Upledger CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, client led whole body treatment applying specific, non-invasive structural and fascia release techniques. These are aiming to facilitate self correcting and self regulating processes.

It emphasises processing physical and emotional experiences consciously. In the past some of those may have been unpleasant or traumatic and not comfortable to remember. Treatments may involve the use of Therapeutic Imagery, Dialogue and Somato Emotional ReleaseⓇ to enhance the tissue release and recovery process.

A Healing Space is maintained for the CST sessions to offer you the possibility of exploration – a form of self-discovery. You are supported and your treatment is expertly facilitated by your therapist.

• Are you concerned about your general health?
• Is stress affecting your physical or emotional well-being?
• Is your child struggling to concentrate in school?
• Are you getting headaches, sleepless nights, recurrent back neck or shoulder pain?
• Do you have a chronic health condition that is limiting the quality of your life?
• Are you recovering from surgery or a difficult birth process?
• Have you had injuries, experienced physical or emotional trauma?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) combined with Somato Emotional Release® (SER) facilitate the discovery of mind and body connections, which are underpinning your symptoms, then help you to find inner resources needed for moving towards a positive change.

A longer treatment process may enable you to explore the origins of your symptoms, discover how certain events in your past may have generated imbalances and disturbance in the healthy functioning of your body, soul and mind. Muscular tension patterns, fascia restrictions, emotional imbalances, memories and thought processes may be affected.

Your own self healing abilities are supported in CranioSacral Therapy by helping to trace these effects back to the core system of the body.

This gently supportive treatment is suitable for all ages including pregnancy and treatment for newborns and infants.

Our CranioSacral Therapist is Gabor Vajnai.

To find out more about Gabor please contact him via his page on our website Gabor Vajnai.